About Us

Casalfarneto is set high in the hills overlooking the valley of the ancient Abbey of Santa Tecla, between the knolls with the monastery of Mora and the medieval castle of Sterpeto. Casalfarneto, a rural farmhouse whose origins have been lost over time, dates from approximately the fourteenth century and it may once have been the home of monks.

It was undoubtedly used for years by the local farmers and animal breeders, as the elderly residents of the nearby hamlets recall that until about seventy years ago cattle were raised here and the farmstead was used to store the wheat and sunflower seeds harvested in the lovely valley below it.

And it is this valley between the knolls of Mora and Sterpeto, ending at the brook that once had a watermill and slaughterhouse, that makes Casale and the surrounding hillsides (such as "Farneto", famed for the quality of its oak trees) the unique and perfect setting for man, flora and fauna. Happily, its conversion from a strictly agricultural area to a holiday farm has left the entire countryside around it untouched.

Along the dirt roads that cross the estate, you’ll see the crops typical of the area (olive trees, sunflowers, wheat, grapes) as well as oak trees, pine forests, broom, blackberries and blueberries...
There are countless nature trails that leave from Casalfarneto and can be covered on foot or mountain bike, with kilometre after kilometre of Umbria’s marvellous and varied landscape.

To the east is the Regional Park of Mount Subasio, while to the west you can take the ancient unpaved Franciscan Way or the castle road Assisi is just minutes away and Casalfarneto is close to the junction of the E45 motorway that connects all the most interesting towns in the region, such as Todi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Perugia and others.

Casalfarneto offers guests not only a healthy and relaxing stay, but also a wealth of new experiences in the arts, culture, the environment and nature – in short, a new yet age-old concept of travelling. We offer our guests what is truly a second home: warm and welcoming rooms with duvets and Indian cotton, comfortable and spacious living rooms with antique furniture, fully equipped country-style kitchens, bathrooms with period furnishings and finished in rich terracotta and travertine, the tavern with a fireplace. Perfect for organising delightful barbecues or delicious suppers cooked in the oven.

And then there’s the quiet garden filled with a wide variety of trees and plants, the playground for the local fauna – hares, squirrels, porcupines, honey bears… not to mention owls, civets, hoopoes and more. Here, you’ll discover the joy of waking up to the clip-clop of horses’ hooves, far from the bustling noise of city traffic.